Non-devolved Adult Education Budget (AEB) Funding

Viewpoint and message by Safaraz Ali

This is a viewpoint and message by Safaraz Ali, CEO of Pathway Group, on the recent Non-Devolved Adult Education Budget (AEB) announcement.

Safaraz Ali - July 2021

Dear Colleagues and friends operating in the funded skills sector, adult education

Firstly, a hearty congrats to the AEB Winners announced publicly yesterday. Some of the bigger winners I would regard as friends and therefore extra special congratulations and a warm handshake to you.

It’s not quite the Pareto principle but it seems like 50% of the funding allocated is to be delivered by around 20% of the providers.

It’s taken quite a few of us by surprise, which was likely to be the case as there isn’t enough money around for this important funding stream. Therefore, some worthy providers have had to go back to the drawing board and others who have a nice problem on their hands are mobilising and will be burning the candle at both ends. Then they are previous holders of this funding who have dodged a bullet as only a fifth of them have kept an allocation and therefore will be thanking their lucky stars and will carry on in similar vein as before.

The reality is that lot of people do bid for this type of funding as it really is cream of the crop in funding terms and therefore competition and activity are always at a different scale, some providers forgive me are chasing rainbows, but many can deliver or have been delivering effectively and now have been somewhat stopped in their tracks.

As it happens a few of us knew who beforehand some of the awarded providers were and shockingly some of the absentees. My best thoughts to all of those that didn’t get through. We ourselves are in the same boat and I don’t have all the answers but have full faith that it will work out for the best. “Keep calm and carry on”.

Child Care Company Old Windsor £2,999,959
Go Train£2,999,865
Skills Training£2,999,694
Acacia Training £2,479,420
Construction Skills People£1,999,740
GP Strategies Training £1,964,325
Axia Solutions £1,956,917
Plato Training £1,912,200
Specialist Trade Courses £1,829,605
Portland Training £1,742,743
Professional Training Solutions £1,683,116
Skills to Group £1,617,350
Babington Business College£1,358,749
Academy Transformation Trust£1,333,278
Qube Learning£1,235,568
Acorn Training Consultants£1,233,000
Learning Curve Group £1,229,462
Profound Services £1,226,339
Impact Futures Training£1,186,126
TRN Train£1,156,079
Back 2 Work Complete Training £1,132,777
Eat That Frog CIC 1,013,745
Resources N E £988,190
Community Training Portal £969,926
Seetec Business Technology Centre £926,228
SCL Education & Training £903,624
Mainstream Training (Kent) £897,721
Strive Training London£882,053
SCCU £855,530
Aspire Sporting Academy £847,799
Acorn Training £821,259
South West Association of Training Providers £809,402
Kiwi Education £780,895
Futures Advice Skills & Employment (Nottingham)£769,973
Eden Training Solutions755,056
JBC Skills Training £742,936
Derby Business College£742,531
Voluntary & Community Sector LSC (Nottingham)£727,000
Skills Edge Training£723,020
B Skill £692,767
Antrec £676,941
Forward Trust (London)£612,064
Think Employment £611,471
JGA (Middlesex) £599,874
Train 4 (Lincoln)£590,794
Waltham International College£589,210
Genesis Training Group £553,251
Northern Care Training£543,632
Fareham College£542,979
Functional Skills (East Sussex) £506,406
Best Practice Training & Development £475,890
Education & Training Skills (Exeter)£452,100
North Staffordshire Engineering GTA£446,190
Workpays £433,908
Total Training Provision (Oxfordshire)£419,428
Access Training East Midlands (Nottingham) – Value: £411,393
Personal Trainer (Birmingham)£398,796
Northern Regeneration CIC£365,865
Aspiration Training £353,831
Talented Training Leeds£346,018
Achievement Training£334,496
Fairway Training Healthcare£318,667
Citrus Training£310,153
E Training (Kent)£309,215
Creative Process Digital 301,860
Bright Direction Training£299,680
Plumpton College£297,975
Finchale Training College £265,123
Train Together£260,742
ALM Training Services £250,889
Building Heroes Education Foundation£236,778
Nottinghamshire County Council £224,498
DTK Business Services£219,134
The Development Manager£194,895
Evolve Your Future £188,137
Cedars Health & Beauty Centres£186,553
FC Training College£185,567
Mi Computsolutions Incorporated£172,256
Logistics Skills & Consultancy172,136
Communicators Training Associates£162,344
Number 4 Group £151,068
 Gateway Education London£150,678
JM Excellence in Training£150,147

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