National AEB Tender 2023: Adult Education Budget for Skills and Employability

National AEB Non-Devolved for 2023 is officially confirmed!

This is a significant non-devolved funding opportunity for the employability and skills sector.

The last time this funding was awarded our CEO Safaraz Ali did a thought sharing piece and some analysis.

On the allocation and state of the Non-devolved Adult Education Budget (AEB) Funding. Safaraz congratulated the AEB Winners announced and stated that  at the time it seems as if around half of the funding allocated was to be delivered by around  one fifth of the providers. Safaraz commented that this type of funding is scarce and competition and activity surrounding this is always very high and we are delighted with this announcement that the National AEB tender for 2023 has been officially confirmed.

National AEB 2023: the known knowns…

The National AEB 2023 tender will not be divided into lots, and the funding will be available to those in non-devolved areas. Devolved areas are obviously excluded with this round which is: West Midlands, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, West of England, North Tyneside, Tees Valley, Cambridge & Peterborough, Liverpool City Region and Greater London Authority.


National AEB 2023 will fund qualifications-based provision, including statutory entitlements and local flexibility. Specific requirements can be found on the website. Contracts are likely to begin on 1st August 2023 for an initial period of 12 months, which will cover the academic year 2023/24.

Pathway Group are proud to deliver Adult Education Budget in a Highly Impactful Way and will aspire to go for this in our own right. Our Adult Education Budget activity is about supporting people in work.

We believe we do this by creating trustful impactful and outcome-led partnerships. We are a social value business dedicated to changing people’s lives through skills and work in a way that is a win-win for all.

As stated in our Matrix assessment, we have a “strong collaborative culture” and are “more than just a training provider”.

We have the capability and capacity which has been proven time and time again, to work successfully in a partnership with all sizes of employers and across all business sectors.

Everything starts with a conversation, Let’s talk :)

What our clients and learners say about our Adult Education Budget delivery

Our mission is to change lives through skills and work. The smallest change in someone’s life can have the biggest impact, and through our sector-based academies, we have seen some life changing moments. In their own words, here’s some of the feedback from our clients and learners.

“We have received really positive feedback about the training not only from employees, but also from our partners who have noticed a change in the service being received from our staff.

The upskilling of our employees has added value to the service we provide, our work environment and added value to individuals wanting to progress into different roles within the organisation, as a result our employees are more confident, positive, and willing to learn.

We are keen to continue working in partnership and adding value to our employees, whilst meeting our social responsibility.

We look forward to being in a position where we can offer more qualifications/upskilling to our employees.”


“My English class started in October. The course was very important and helpful for me.

The thing I like about English class is that I learnt to speak and read in English as well as learning the grammar.

I understand more after taking the class. My teacher Laila is very helpful and friendly. She is a professional teacher and she has a predisposition for teaching.

Laila is very patient and she knows how to interpret.

Thank you very much for this course.”


“The English course helps me with my work.

When I attend my class I have a nice time My teacher Laila is very helpful and patient I would like to say ‘Thank you’”


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