Recruitment and retention solutions for your business...

Discover a range of UK Government Funded programmes are available for businesses considering recruiting employees, without the price tag.

Recruitment and retention solutions, without the price tag

We deliver employment services funded by the UK government to help people get back into work and help businesses like yours reach more talent. In other words, recruitment services without the price tag. We support businesses with recruitment and retention services across England. We provide training on the essential skills people need to succeed when joining your business.

Pathway Group offers personalised recruitment and retention services tailored to your needs. Everything starts with a conversation…

Job-ready, skilled people

Recruitment process guidance, vacancy advertising, and access to a vetted candidate database. Our services include organising recruitment events, candidate selection, interviews, pre-employment training, essential reference, and Right-to-work checks.


Providing in-work support for successful candidates, offering access to funding for training new employees, and delivering mental health support in the workplace.

Inclusive workforce planning

Enhance your workforce planning with inclusivity, Become a Disability Confident employer and unlock access to a diverse talent pool.

Empowering businesses with recruitment solutions...

Our solutions offer significant business benefits, including streamlined talent acquisition, improved employee retention rates, access to a diverse talent pool, and enhanced workforce productivity, all tailored to meet your business needs.

Job-ready talent

Streamlined recruitment processes, presenting only people suited for your vacancy, complemented by pre-employment training tailored to your business and industry needs. Facilitated work trials or placements, enabling you to assess potential employees firsthand.

Funded training and qualifications

Unlock funding opportunities to train your employees, enhancing their skills and boosting retention, with a range of options from concise learning modules to comprehensive vocational programmes.

Local, regional or national coverage

Scalable services cater to businesses of all sizes, whether you're local or operate nationwide. Access our support quickly and conveniently online from anywhere in England. Support to facilitate interviews, assessments, and training requirements, providing a comprehensive solution for all your needs.

What you can expect working with Pathway Group...

Once we understand your needs, we will align your vacancy with our extensive talent network, pinpointing those who best fit your criteria. Our service extends to role design, specifically to address your skills shortages and business objectives.

You’ll receive a selection of people from us, allowing you to decide whom to interview. Should you require assistance with selection and assessment, our expertise is at your disposal, and our facilities are available for your interviews.

You may consider offering work trials or placements to confirm the perfect match for you and the person. Should there be a need for specific skills or qualifications, we facilitate training access through our network of local partners.

Our commitment extends beyond hiring, as we offer ongoing support to both you and your new hire, covering aspects from commute solutions to skill enhancement, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration into their new role.

Workforce wellbeing

Provide health and wellbeing support to your new recruits and existing employees.

Labour Market Intelligence

Leverage labour market information to unlock insights into emerging growth sectors and recruitment trends, complemented by expert advice on local dynamics. This invaluable information will empower you to effectively refine and enhance your recruitment strategy.

Social Value

Fulfil social responsibility obligations effortlessly by utilising our services to connect with and recruit from priority groups, enhancing your community's impact and commitment to social value.

Recruitment and retention solutions for your business...