Bridging the skill gaps and connecting young people with apprenticeship opportunities

Pathway Group, is working in partnership with the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) and is thrilled to announce the launch of the Path 2 Apprenticeships programme aimed at empowering young people in the region with essential skills and qualifications.
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Engaging, inspiring, and motivating young people

The delivery of the Path 2 Apprenticeships should encompass a structured, supportive, and engaging approach, involving hands-on learning, mentoring, and regular assessments to ensure the apprentice is on track.

Path 2 Apprenticeships will provide unmatched opportunities for 19-29 year olds to gain in-demand skills in a real-world setting. Co-created with employers, this no-cost training programme spans up to 16 weeks, focusing on digital and green skills, CV writing, and interview techniques.

Unlock in-demand skills

Develop practical skills and qualifications sought after in today's job market. From tech-savvy digital roles to hands-on care, our programmes are designed to place you ahead of the curve.

Mentorship that makes a difference

Learning experiences enriched by mentorship from industry leaders, offering insights that textbooks can't match and support that goes beyond the classroom.

Supporting your ambitions

Supportive wage structure and skill development initiatives, ensuring financial concerns don't stand in the way of your potential.

"Tired of job searches that lead nowhere? Apprenticeships can be your opportunity to a promising career!"


“I’m delighted that this public-private partnership has been set up to help accelerate the take up of apprenticeships, especially amongst marginalised young people who have been hit so hard by the pandemic and current economic slowdown.

  • Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands and chair of the West Midlands Combined Authority

Support for a Brighter Future – Young people will benefit from continuous coaching throughout the programme and into the first year of their apprenticeship. This support network is designed to ensure a seamless transition into professional roles at level 2 or 3 across diverse industries, including; Digital, Early Years, Engineering & Manufacturing, Health & Social Care, Catering & Hospitality and Warehousing & Logistics

Support for a Brighter Future

Upon completion, candidates are guaranteed interviews for apprenticeships paying at least the National Living Wage. The program’s hands-on approach, devoid of formal assessments, ensures participants are interview-ready and poised for success.

Diverse industry opportunities

Valuable qualification & workplace experience

Connect with reputable regional employers

"Skills for the future, experience in the field, and a paycheck in your pocket? That’s what apprenticeships offer."