Our Culture

We believe culture is the foundation of business success. A company culture is the combination of vision statements and values, combined with the harder-to-see norms; behaviours, languages, beliefs, and systems, often referred to as the company’s unwritten rules.

Culture is what the business stands for and what makes us different. When you ‘connect the dots’ with Leadership and Culture of an organisation you can seriously transform any business and make a real difference and that’s what our aspirations are at Pathway Group.

So, what elements define the Pathway company culture?

We start with intent or purpose – we have said this in few sentences which is Changing Lives Through Skills and Work.
And to...
Enhancing knowledge, developing skills and changing behaviours to transform communities
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We believe…

  • If we keep your values at the forefront of everything you and your team do, our culture shouldn’t shift.
  • That people now look for more than just a job; they want purpose in their work and have a desire to make a difference, and progress and grow.
  • The right culture is critical to our business success.
  • We are proud to give people the opportunity to talk, to contribute, and to grow!

Join us

Join #TeamPathway

We’re always happy to hear from people who are interested in working with Pathway Group. Our team is fully committed to finding the ‘right’ people and focus on maintaining a ‘two-way commitment’.

So, with the idea of you encompassing our core values, and us staying true to your continued learning and development; contact us today and begin your journey with #TeamPathway now.