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Joining our Team

We believe that there are many benefits in working with Pathway Group. Our awards from external agencies, for our commitment towards our staff, are testament to this; as well as our ‘Grade 2’accreditation in Leadership and Management, from Ofsted.

Our most valued critics are our employees, and we regularly seek feedback from them to maintain a comfortable and productive working environment. As important as it is for our team members to continuously learn and develop, we also encourage them to have a self-fulfilling and well-balanced career.

Here’s how we do this:

Training and Development

Matrix 2016 - "Much emphasis is placed on developing staff within the organisation"

Put simply, Pathway Group’s growing success is down to the talent, dedication, and resilience of our team members. We believe that our people are our brand; and ultimately, our most valuable asset. This is why we work hard to ensure that they have ample support, training, and progression opportunities, to be the best they can be.

We have created a distinctive ‘work culture’, that is proactively supportive of employee well-being and career development. In working with us, our staff can take advantage of both internal and external training opportunities, and gain accredited qualifications and experience. In a nutshell, they’re able to change their career path if they want to, without having to change their employer.

In the year 2016, aside from our internal training, we had:

  • 5 staff members studying towards Management Qualifications between Levels 5 -7.
  • 6 staff members studying towards a Level 5 Teaching Qualification
  • 2 staff members studying towards Level 3 Assessing Qualifications

In addition to this, some of our staff members have been studying to gain qualifications in IAG, Team Leading and Customer Service, Business Administration, First Aid, and Fire Safety.

Our Core Values
Honesty & Integrity

We believe in being honest with the people we come in to contact with and treat every one fairly whether they are small or large clients. We believe it is important to keep our promises and deliver on our commitments.

Customer Focused

We put the customer at the heart of our business operations, planning and decision making. We aim to deliver a high quality service by putting the customer at the centre of our business and believe that this is the key to ensuring long term trading relationships.


We believe in being the best in our field and we know we can only achieve if we strive for excellence in all aspects of business and accept nothing less.


Success does not come easily, it comes through hard work, dedication and passion. We are passionate about our business and are driven to excel in every aspect of our business.

Our Team

"Team members who have recently joined Pathway Group, described how they were introduced to the organisation, our policies and procedures, and their specific job roles. Mentioning both the professional backing and support from colleagues and team leaders, they explained it as being a ‘supportive process’, which helped them become proficient in their role." - Investors in People 2016

At the risk of seeming biased, we believe the members of #TeamPathway are the best.

As well as being well-trained and knowledgeable in their respective job roles, they have each proved that they are passionate, dedicated, and the ‘right fit’, during the recruitment process. This ensures that they are happy to take on new responsibilities, and above all- can provide a warm and supportive welcome to new members of staff.

Our employees are known to say that they feel like they’re part of the ‘Pathway Family’; and this is exactly the culture we are proud of. All our managers have an open-door policy and we regularly host company wide events each quarter, to bring the entire team together over good food, company updates, and staff awards.

Employee Testimonials

"The nature of the role I carry out gives me a huge variation of areas of responsibility from marketing and sales, to finance and delivery.  In addition, the business is hugely family orientated and understand the importance of being a flexible employer when it comes to family commitments.  The people that work for Pathway, from the CEO to the cleaners, are an integral part of the organisation and key to its success. Everyone is an important spoke in the Pathway wheel."


"Pathway Group is a fantastic place to work. Management are approachable with an open- door policy. Every employee is treated equally regardless of role or experience. Everyone is given a voice and challenging ideas are always supported. Working hours can be flexible, encouraging a work-life balance that suits individual needs."


"Pathway has a family feel environment with all staff going above and beyond to help one another. You find that you are a valuable member of the team as soon as you join, and there are opportunities to constantly develop and challenge your career aspirations. I always look forward to coming into work as every day is different and challenging. Most importantly, it is the people here who make this a great place to work."


Either browse through our available live vacancies and apply directly, or see the link below to our Indeed recruitment page.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Because it is not just us who believes in our commitment towards employees. We have been proud holders of the ‘Investors in People’ award, since 2005, ad currently hold a ‘Silver’.

We are also delighted to be holders of the ‘Matrix accreditation’, which has been awarded to use for the information, advice, and guidance we provide to both our internal and external team. This type of guidance can be within the area of career development, managing challenging issues, and even support for mental wellbeing.

In October 2016, we were inspected by Ofsted and graded ‘2’ in all areas, including leadership and management.

"Staff are appropriately qualified and have benefited from regular professional development and mandatory training."

Ofsted 2016

"Staff are held to good account through effective performance management.
Under performance is identified and suitable support is promptly provided."

Ofsted 2016

"Many people have made positive comments about the quality and consistency of learning opportunities provided to them."

Investors in People 2016

"Team members have confirmed across the organisation, that they feel they are supported in the way they expect; and that this has been in line with their expectations over the years."

Matrix 2016

"Staff have described how they’ve been included in a range of different methods, which have enabled them to contribute to service developments."

Matrix 2016

"Continuous professional development is both formal and informal. Formal development includes safeguarding, sector specific qualifications, teaching and advice, and guidance qualifications."

Matrix 2016

Either browse through our available live vacancies and apply directly, or see the link below to our Indeed recruitment page.

Alternatively, you can contact either Cathy or Clare using the details below to discuss further opportunities.