Empower your team with Multiply

Multiply is a strategic initiative for employers committed to their workforce’s continual professional development, specifically designed to enhance the mathematical skills of your team, equipping them with advanced tools and knowledge that can drive your business forward.

Multiply offers a unique opportunity to give your employees an edge in their careers

They will be better prepared to tackle complex challenges, improve efficiency, and contribute more effectively to your business objectives by strengthening their mathematical abilities.

Understanding the demands of the modern workplace, Multiply is structured to be flexible and supportive, seamlessly integrating into your employees’ work schedules without disruption. It’s an investment in your team’s potential that promises to yield significant returns in terms of productivity and innovation.

Elevate your team’s capabilities and multiply your business opportunities by investing in their mathematical development with Multiply.

Did you know, that 49% of adults are underconfident when it comes to numbers?

Multiply offers a wide range of benefits across various industries, enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of your workforce

  1. Retail and Sales: Empower your sales teams with the practical math skills to calculate discounts, manage stock levels, and interpret sales data. These skills are vital for any retail business’s smooth operation and profitability.
  2. Construction and Engineering: In these precision-driven industries, mathematical knowledge is crucial. Equip your teams with the skills to make accurate measurements, calculate areas and volumes, and comprehend blueprints, ensuring project accuracy and safety.
  3. Finance and Accounting: Numerical competency is the backbone of these sectors. Multiply will enhance your team’s efficiency, precision, and confidence in managing complex financial data, leading to better financial decision-making and reporting.
  4. Healthcare: For healthcare professionals like nurses, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians, math skills are essential for dosage calculations, interpreting medical statistics, and managing inventory. This programme ensures that your healthcare staff can perform these tasks more accurately and confidently.
  5. Hospitality and Services: In this industry, whether measuring ingredients in the kitchen, calculating customer bills, managing reservations, or analysing customer feedback data, mathematical skills are integral to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.