Greater London Authority (GLA) Adult Education Budget

We understand the importance of unlocking your workforces potential to aid in business growth and stability

The Adult Education Budget (AEB) funds education and training for adults aged 19 and above.

Some of these qualifications funded through the AEB include basic English and maths skills, basic digital and adult community learning. 

The Mayor of London has taken over responsibility for the Adult Education Budget from the government start of the academic year 2019/20.

Who can get support?

You can get our funded support if you are :

  • Aged over 19

  • Living in an eligible area of London

    Earn less then the London Living Wage ( £20,572.50 annually)

  • Eligibility criteria applies.

Invest in your staff, invest in your business – developing your workforce needn’t be overwhelming, whatever your size of business.

As a proud delivery partner of the Greater London Authority Adult Education, Pathway Group are here to help unlock your teams true potential.

  • Establish learning needs, identify personal and professional development opportunities

  • Together develop a flexible learning plan, that takes in to consideration your personal circumstances

  • Help to develop skills and knowledges relating to your topic(s) of study

  • Information, advice and guidance, along with encourage and motivation to do well

Enhance Skills
Develop Confidence
Improve Knowledge

By enhancing the career prospects of your employees, you’ll also benefit from their improved health, wellbeing and confidence.