Paul Eeles CEO of Skills Education Group Part 2

Paul Eeles Canny Conversations Part 2
In this week’s episode Safaraz continues his conversation with Paul Eeles, the CEO of The Skills and Education Group. We will be hearing how Paul has dedicated his career to championing skills, education, and social mobility. He shares insights from his varied professional journey, from starting as a chef to leading large organizations in the further education sector.

Paul and Safaraz also talk about some of the key issues facing further education today. They discuss the challenges of acquiring and integrating organizations, the importance of careers advice for young people, and the competitive awarding organization marketplace.

Paul stresses the need for a coordinated skills system that meets the diverse needs of learners and employers. He advocates for policy that looks at the bigger picture rather than short-term initiatives.

At its core, Paul believes education is about empowering individuals and transforming lives. He calls on all of us to make a positive difference through our work.

This conversation also provides an enlightening perspective on leadership, change, and purpose.