The beauty industry; full of Variety, People & Endless Opportunities

Today’s beauty professional is a member of the ever-expanding, ever-changing, ever-fascinating beauty industry. If you are innovative and ambitious, there is no limit to your potential.

No other industry has such a constant demand for qualified, creative, well-trained people. None offers such bright opportunities for an individual to start a personal business and work toward financial independence. Training gives you the potential of changing peoples’ lives by making them look good and feel beautiful, possibly for the first time.

With the proper training, you could begin a career in the beauty industry. Maybe your dream is to own your salon or spa one day or earn an extra income, doing something you enjoy.

Meet our aspiring Beauty Therapists and Nail Technicians

Caroline, Tammy, Samantha, Daesha, Kerris, Jodie and Jodie – students at our Pathway SkillsZone Burslem centre.

Career paths in the professional beauty industry with Pathway SkillsZone Burslem

Nail Technician

Repair, paint and decorate clients' nails.

  • Average salary (a year) – £12,500 Starter to £25,000 Experienced
  • Typical hours (a week) – 38 to 40 variable
  • You could work – evenings / weekends flexibly

In your day-to-day work you may:

  • Do basic treatments, like manicures and pedicures
  • Clean and file nails
  • Apply false nails or extensions
  • Decorate nails with coloured varnish, transfers, gems or glitter
  • Repair, look after and remove false nails and extensions
  • Check for any signs of skin or nail problems before treatment

Working environment

You could work in a salon, at a health spa, on a cruise ship, from home or at a client’s home.

Career path and Progression

With experience, you could manage a salon or start your own business. 

You could work with photographers, fashion designers or TV companies, preparing nails for photo shoots or fashion shows. 

With further training you could move into teaching nail art.

Beauty Therapist

Provide face and body treatments to help clients look and feel better.

  • Average salary (a year) – £16,000 Starter to £21,000 Experienced
  • Typical hours (a week) – 37 to 40 a week
  • You could work – evenings / weekends as customers demand

In your day-to-day tasks you may:

  • Give a facial by cleansing, massaging and toning a client’s skin
  • Do a makeover by applying and advising on make-up
  • Shape eyebrows and colour eyelashes
  • Give a manicure, pedicure or other nail treatment like extensions and nail art
    remove unwanted facial and body hair
  • Give electro-therapy treatments to improve body tone and shape
  • Do non-surgical skin improvement treatments
  • Offer UV (ultraviolet) and spray tanning

Working environment

You could work in a salon, at a health spa, on a cruise ship, in a hotel or from home.

Career path and Progression

With experience you could progress to salon manager.

You could become self-employed and get your own salon, work from home or travel to clients.

You could also move into fashion, theatre or media make-up.