From Skills Bootcamp to Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

In late 2022, Shahinoor embarked on a remarkable professional journey, starting with completing a Skills Bootcamp with TDM. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of an inspiring narrative that would lead to becoming a key player in shaping the digital marketing landscape at The HR Link by August 2023.

Upon completing the Skills Bootcamp, Shahinoor’s Advisor, Rizwan, recognized his potential and referred him to Martin Chandler for potential apprenticeship and job opportunities in Digital Marketing. At the time, Martin was actively recruiting Digital Marketing Apprentices for Pathway Group. Following a prompt invitation, Shahinoor found himself in an interview where his understanding of branding and digital marketing was put to the test.

Identifying a need for digital marketing work experience in Shahinoor’s profile, Martin invited him to undertake a work trial to gain hands-on experience in digital marketing. During this period, Shahinoor took on a temporary position supporting the Marketing team at Pathway Group. Here, he honed his skills with digital tools such as Canva, crafting eye-catching graphics and content, and delved into WordPress, mastering Elementor for consistent content presentation.

While at Pathway Group, Shahinoor took the initiative to engage with career advisor Roger Worton. They reviewed Shahinoor’s CV and discussed his career aspirations, creating a roadmap for his professional growth.

As Shahinoor’s temporary position concluded, he remained in contact with the Pathway Group Apprenticeship Recruitment team. Soon after, he found himself again in the interview room, this time for a full-time apprenticeship position in digital marketing at The HR Link. His success in the interview marked the beginning of a new chapter where he assumed the responsibility of creating and presenting the brand for The HR Link.

“I started with a Skills Bootcamp, and now, as I shape the digital marketing landscape at The HR Link, I’ve come to realise the power of learning, experience, and the support of mentors. The journey wasn’t just about landing a job; it was about evolving into the professional I aspire to be.”

Shahinoor Islam, Digital Marketing Apprentice

On his apprenticeship journey, Shahinoor has continued to flourish, creating engaging content and expanding his knowledge of digital marketing. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with Roger, he receives invaluable career advice and support. Recently, Roger has assisted Shahinoor with enhancing his task and time management skills, addressing specific areas that have become focal points for Shahinoor since entering the workforce.

Shahinoor’s journey from Skills Bootcamp to a pivotal role at The HR Link exemplifies the transformative power of skills development programs and mentorship. His story is a testament to the potential unlocked through theoretical learning, practical experience, and dedicated support from advisors and mentors. As Shahinoor continues to thrive in the dynamic field of digital marketing, his journey stands as an inspiration for aspiring professionals navigating their career paths.