Exciting Apprenticeship Opportunities at Bentley Motors

As part of their record-breaking 2024 future talent vacancies, Bentley Motors is gearing up for their world-class apprenticeship applications, set to open in February 2024.

Apprenticeships at this esteemed luxury car brand provide diverse pathways across Manufacturing, Engineering, Business, Digital, Project Management, and more. Embarking on a journey towards an externally recognized qualification, applicants will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through on-the-job training and experiences.

In preparation for this upcoming apprenticeship opportunity, Bentley Motors, as a Patron of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, reaffirms its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within its workforce.

Bentley Motors - Team Photo

“My favourite thing about working at Bentley is the people – there are so many diverse and unique backgrounds and perspectives. It’s probably a perception that Apprentices have themselves [that we aren’t going to be as involved across the business] but my role is so valuable and important and I feel like an integral part of the team. I’ve also driven a Bentley – which was pretty exciting!” – Santrice Rivers

Prospective applicants are encouraged to register their interest for the 2024 Apprenticeships on Bentley’s Website