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Challenging Thoughts, Perceptions and Perspectives

The Apprenticeship Diversity and Social Mobility Forum is a thought leadership forum sharing knowledge and insights for social and economic development.


The Apprenticeship Diversity and Social Mobility Forum aims to bring together leading figures in diversity and inclusion, and experts on social mobility.

Set up in July 2020 as a virtual event during the Coronavirus pandemic, this Forum brings to the forefront topics which usually gets pushed back.

The forum was set up by The BAME Apprenticeship Alliance, now known as The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, an organisation that promotes apprenticeship diversity through policy, advocacy and conversation.

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For over 20 years, Pathway Group has been at the forefront of supporting individuals in upskilling and reskilling. Based in the Midlands, with North-west and London based training centres, serving the needs of a national network.

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