A Guide to the FE Sector

Further education (FE) is any education after secondary education that’s not part of higher education (not taken as an undergraduate or graduate degree). Pathway Group is an Independent Training Provider (ITP) operating in the FE Sector.

The FE sector is a wide-ranging and diverse education system. It includes many different types of providers, and it offers a huge range of exciting opportunities.​ There are thousands of opportunities available, including apprenticeships and vocational qualifications.​

Things change very quickly in the FE Sector; a year can be a long time, and what may have been relevant last year might not be the case anymore. If you’re a bit bewildered by it all, you are not alone! It can be difficult to understand how things fit together. This guide is your starting point.

Thank you…

We hope you have found this guide useful. This was created as we felt that there was a need for an updated Guide for the FE sector.

We understand it’s not the answer to everything, but we want to help others. If you want to grow in this sector, you must ask questions and learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.