Thank you, Shaheed

A genuine people person who brings out the best in others and themselves while energising and empowering others to make things happen.

Have you heard about two guys camping in the woods when a bear approaches them?

It’s an old joke but one that demonstrates how sometimes things work regarding leadership positions and career progression.

The joke goes something like this: Two guys who are camping in the woods hear a bear running towards them; they both start running, and one of them says I don’t think we can outrun a bear, the other guy says…

“I don’t need to outrun the bear; I just need to outrun you!”

This is often how the world of politics and business works – you can be outclassed by your Job Description and what the role requires, but that doesn’t matter; you need to be better than your peers.

The real tragedy is that this can often be avoidable by being transparent about what’s needed and measuring against that rather than who is in the race.

Being human in today’s world isn’t always easy, and it’s too familiar to benchmark falsely yourself against others. Instead, we need more people seeking to be the best versions of themselves, continuously growing and empowering and getting the best out of others.

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We have a colleague, a long-term friend and someone I regard as family leaving the business after nearly 13 years and moving on to new pastures.

I often describe Shaheed as a true people person, and we define that here at Pathway Group as someone who brings out the best in others and in themselves.

Shaheed is an individual who energises and empowers and makes things happen – that is the Shaheed we all know, and I wish you all the best in your new business venture that you are going into with your family.

All the best, and thank you :-)

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