An Emotional Farewell: Thank you, Emma

Bubbly personality, infectious enthusiasm

Emma joined our Pathway family back in 2016 at our Walsall Centre. With a background in Health and Social Care, her arrival was a breath of fresh air, and it didn’t take long for her to become a beloved figure among her colleagues and learners. Her bubbly personality, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication set her apart.

In no time, Emma earned her stripes as a qualified Assessor and Vocational Tutor. She took to the classroom environment passionately, providing invaluable support to individuals from the Work Programme, helping them enhance their knowledge and skills in Health and Social Care.

Emma Jolley

Fostering growth

In 2019, Emma transitioned to the Serco Adult Education provision.

In this role, she became the face of Pathway Group, visiting employers and their staff in their workplace to deliver a wide range of qualifications.

Her commitment to fostering growth and development in others was genuinely remarkable.

Emma’s exemplary work didn’t go unnoticed. She became a role model for her colleagues, consistently earning social media 5-star ratings and receiving an abundance of compliments for her exceptional ability to support and empower those she worked with.

Emma Jolley

Dedication, passion and unwavering commitment

As Emma takes the next step in her professional journey, we want to express our deep gratitude for her dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to Pathway Group. She leaves a legacy of excellence that will continue to inspire us all.

Emma, you will be dearly missed, and your presence will leave a void that won’t easily be filled. We wish you all the success in your new role in Quality Assurance, and we do not doubt that you will continue to shine as brightly as you did during your time with us.

Thank you, Emma, for your invaluable contributions and the positive impact you’ve made on our Pathway Group family.

We wish you the very best in all your future endeavours.