Aim to make the last few days at work ‘successful’ for your staff member leaving

Regardless of why a staff member leaves the business, it’s worth acknowledging that departing a company can be both exciting and challenging for your team member. Of course, their last day should ideally be a time to celebrate with their colleagues, but the business and the staff member collectively should prepare for their absence.

Ellen Merricks

In addition to completing any exit paperwork or interviews, it’s also essential that they leave the workplace in a way that their replacement can quickly take over.
The reality is that the last day at work is essential and must leave a lasting impression on your team member, the ones remaining, and your potential staff observing your business.

The last day at work is a chance to leave on good terms. Therefore, encouraging your team member going spending their last day saying goodbye to colleagues can also show them that you value their contribution during their time at the company. It’s worth encouraging the staff member to complete all essential tasks and get ready for someone else to take over so they can run after you leave. By planning the last day, the staff member can confirm that they have enough time to fulfil their responsibilities and enjoy reflecting on this part of their career.

Honestly, provide feedback in exit interviews.

More and more businesses conduct exit interviews, which ideally need to be done openly and honestly in a ‘safe environment. The exit interview aims to get the team members’ opinions about their time and experience with the business. During the exit interview, the team member should ideally reflect on their growth and help the company improve for their current and future employees.

Some examples of questions that may be asked or that are worth thinking about:

  • Why are you leaving your position, and what led you to make a career change?
  • Do you have any feedback on the leadership and management team, and can you give feedback on how the business can improve?
  • What accomplishments have you had in your role?
  • What would you recommend that could be done better?
  • What advice would you give to team members?

Regardless of the above, the team member needs to spend time with their team, schedule time on their last day to socialise with their team and enjoy their company before they leave. Having designated time on their last day to have fun with their colleagues allows them to reflect on their time in the workplace, share favourite memories and have some fun.

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