#TEAMPATHWAY Awards 2021

Recognising the achievements & contributions of #TeamPathway

Recognised & Valued

We recognise our colleagues’ skills, knowledge, and behaviours, with our nominated categories.

Certified Smile Maker Award

This award celebrates those who always have a positive, cheerful and friendly attitude. Despite how your day may be going, they are sure to put a smile on your face.

Shining Star Award

Here we recognise our team members who have positively impacted our organisation through their hard work, determination, and productivity, making Pathway the most effective it can be.

People’s Choice Award

This category is all about our team members that are always there to support their colleagues with anything they may need. They are indeed an inspiration to all around them.

Going the Extra Mile Award

In every organisation, you see the ones you see come into the office but never see them go home. They usually go the extra mile. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them. They are committed to their work to make sure Pathway’s goals are met.

Excellence in Leadership Award

What is a leader? Our leaders strive to make positive improvements by ensuring they can provide their teams with the proper guidance to reach both company and personal goals in a happy, healthy work environment.

Making a Difference Award

We're very thankful for our team members who are aware of their fellow colleagues and are always thinking of sharing their knowledge or expertise with them. In addition, they have a desire to help and promote the wellbeing of Pathway and its members.

Committed to Changing Lives Through Skill and Work Award

These individuals genuinely embody what Pathway is all about. They strive to change people’s lives for the better by building excellent relationships with everyone they meet, helping, assisting and going above the required to make the life’s of others as easy as they can.

Certified Smile Maker Award - Heather Lack
Shining Star Award
People's Choice Award
Going the extra mile
Excellence in Leadership Award
Making a Difference Award
Commitment to Changing Lives Through Skills and Work Award

Recognised & Valued

We’re bringing our values front and centre to achieve our goals with recognition. Our Executive team has selected these awards.