Safaraz Ali joins The Open University's Entrepreneurs in Residence Programme

Pathway Group is excited to share the news of Safaraz Ali, our esteemed CEO and Founder, joining The Open University as one of the Entrepreneurs in Residence. Saf’s inclusion in this dynamic team aligns seamlessly with our mission at Pathway Group, where we champion skills, employability, and innovation.

Safaraz Ali, a published business author and a passionate advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion, brings his wealth of experience to The Open University’s Open Business Creators project. This initiative, designed to empower individuals across the UK on their entrepreneurial journeys, resonates with Pathway Group’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting individuals in realising their business goals.

As Safaraz Ali serves as an Entreprenurs In Residence, his real-world experiences will undoubtedly provide invaluable guidance to employers, The Open University partners, students, staff, and alumni. Through his role, he aims to help individuals develop essential skills, navigate challenges, and succeed in launching and growing their businesses.

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Safaraz Ali’s wealth of experience and commitment to social entrepreneurship align perfectly with the ethos of The Open University. We are excited to have him as an Entrepreneur in Residence, contributing to our mission of opening up access to knowledge and skills.

Viren Patel, CEO of The Open University

Safaraz Ali, CEO and Founder of Pathway Group has been a driving force behind various impactful initiatives. His leadership extends to the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, where he has played a pivotal role in promoting diversity and inclusion within the apprenticeship landscape.

Safaraz has also been instrumental in establishing the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards, recognising and celebrating achievements in multicultural apprenticeships. The Festival of Apprenticeships stands as another testament to his commitment to fostering skills and employability. Beyond apprenticeships, Safaraz has made significant contributions to the literary world as a co-founder of the Business Book Awards, acknowledging outstanding works in business literature.

His dedication to networking and community building is evident through initiatives like Pathway2Grow, a platform facilitating business connections and growth. Furthermore, Safaraz has championed diversity and inclusion through the Multicultural Apprenticeship Network, creating opportunities and breaking barriers in the professional realm. Through these diverse initiatives, Safaraz Ali continues to leave an indelible mark on the business, apprenticeship, and literary landscapes.

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Safaraz Ali’s expertise in skills, employability, and his dedication to fostering diversity make him a valuable addition to our Entrepreneur in Residence team. We look forward to the positive impact he will have on our community

Chaitali Patel, Head of Prospects (Business Innovation), The Open University

In addition to Safaraz Ali, other notable individuals enrolled in the same program include 

  • Julian Hall –  Founder of Ultra Education and co-founder of Take Your Shot Studios
  • Mags Byrne – Founder of Estars and First for Players
  • Christian Kumar – CEO of Capital Kinetics and MedTech Makers Lab
  • Ravinder Gino Hoonjan – Director at Personal Progress and Bright Minds Consulting
  • Alex Cole – CEO of Tin Ventures

This diverse group of Entrepreneurs in Residence forms a powerhouse of knowledge and experience, collectively contributing to the OU’s mission of cultivating a new generation of successful business creators.