Developing a new ILT / digital learning strategy

Jisc is the UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions.

Allen Crawford-Thomas –
Jisc subject specialist strategy and business process

In feedback to Pathway, Allen Crawford-Thomas said that the Pathway ILT Strategy report…

Demonstrates that Pathway Group has invested time in carrying out strategic analysis to:

•    Understand the impact learning technology has already made in the Pathway Group
•    Understand how learning technology has shaped current work and practice
•    Identify the capability of the existing IT infrastructure and systems
•    Identify future IT infrastructure and system capability
•    Identify the current and future workforce capability in regards to the adoption, embedding and normalisation in the use learning technology for learning teaching and assessment.

“The Pathway ILT strategy is set in context of the FELTAG report recommendations and other current policy, e.g. developing digital literacy skills.”

The Pathway ILT Strategy report identifies teaching and learning, knowledge management co-ordination and IT infrastructure, as notable outputs to be achieved by any ILT digital learning and teaching strategy.

Allen went on to praise the positive and well researched aspects of the Pathway ILT report including the identification of key outcomes for an action plan:

•    To meet the study needs of learners
•    To support teachers in providing high quality learning and teaching
•    Provide useful data for managers to account for and justify investment in learning technology
•    To ensure any new ILT or digital learning strategy is an effective vehicle for achieving success, for example, in learner outcomes, quality improvement and monitoring compliance
•    Achieve outputs and outcomes consistent with Ofsted inspections or other awarding bodies.

Next Steps for Pathway…

Allen continued by offering his support for the development of a Pathway ‘ILT action plan’ to implement identified areas for improvement, taking Pathway to the next level.