Customer Service Apprenticeship

Digital Marketer Level 3 Apprenticeship

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship (Level 3)

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Level 3 The aim of the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship is to support you to deliver high quality advertising to your organisation. Core responsibility will include assisting the development and implementation of digital marketing campaigns, analysing data and metrics to track performance and collaborating with other team members to create digital marketing campaigns. […]

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Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship (Level 3)

Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship Level 3 specialising in assisting customers with their inquiries, resolving their issues, and providing an excellent customer experience. They typically work in various industries such as retail, e-commerce, telecommunications, hospitality, and more. “Dealing with customer queries, purchases and complaints.” What is it about? The main purpose of a customer service specialist

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Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship (Level 2)

Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship Level 2 designed for individuals who are interested in working in a customer-facing role, such as in retail, hospitality, or call center industries. The apprenticeship is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are required to provide high-quality customer service. “Providing customer service products and services for businesses and

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