Viren Patel, CEO of The Open University Part 1

Viren Patel Canny Conversations Part 1
This week Safaraz is in conversation with Viren Patel, CEO of the Open University Worldwide Viren Patel, CEO of the Open University Worldwide and Director of Apprenticeships and Partnerships at the OU. In the first half of this two-part conversation, Viren shares his personal journey as a refugee who came to the UK in the 1970s and overcame the challenges to become the first in his family to graduate with a degree.

He discusses the mission of Open University to increase access to higher education and skills training through innovative delivery methods. He
also talks about the OU’s focus on vocational learning and partnerships to equip students for evolving employer needs.

He shares perspectives on building an inclusive culture internally and externally through community initiatives. And talks about OU’s role as a major employer driving economic growth in Milton Keynes. Viren offers advice for young people on developing transferable
skills and embracing diverse experiences to thrive in modern careers.