Traineeship to Early Years Educator

In partnership with Little Bundles of Joy Nursery, Pathway Group is thrilled to share the heartwarming success story of Kiera, a Level 3 Early Years Educator, who recently completed her Traineeship with Pathway SkillsZone. Kiera’s journey is a testament to her dedication and the collaborative spirit within the early childhood education community.

Kiera completed her Traineeship, demonstrating exemplary skills and a genuine passion for nurturing young minds. Despite our admiration for her abilities, the timing didn’t align for a permanent role as we didn’t have a vacancy available at that particular moment.

Undeterred, Kiera’s commitment to her career led her to the next opportunity. We collaborated with Mother Nature Day Nursery, where Kiera’s talents left a lasting impression. Unfortunately, we couldn’t secure a position for Kiera in their team due to the absence of a vacancy.

Ever persistent, Kiera’s journey took an exciting turn when we arranged an interview for her with Kiddies Playhouse. Following a trial day that showcased Kiera’s exceptional skills and dedication to early childhood education, Kiddies Playhouse was thoroughly impressed. Recognising Kiera’s potential, they wasted no time in offering her an apprenticeship to complete her Level 3 Early Years Educator programme.

Kiera’s resilience and adaptability shine through in this journey. Her story exemplifies the importance of perseverance and the interconnectedness of the early years education community. As Kiera embarks on this new chapter with Kiddies Playhouse, we couldn’t be prouder of her achievements and are confident that she will continue to positively impact the lives of the little ones she cares for.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kiera and wish her continued success in her apprenticeship at Kiddies Playhouse. Her story is a shining example of how passion, dedication, and a supportive community can pave the way for a fulfilling career in the early years of education.