Skills and Education Group venture with King Charles III

On this momentous occasion, the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance takes great pleasure in extending heartfelt congratulations to the Skills and Education Group for their impactful collaboration with His Majesty King Charles III, contributing to the noble cause of promoting social mobility.

Social Mobility A Passion Shared With The King

In the upcoming book, “King Charles III: The Leadership and Vision of a Modern Monarch,” set to launch on His Majesty’s 75th birthday at Claridge’s in central London on Tuesday, 14th November, the Skills and Education Group emerges as a dedicated project sponsor. This publication, delving into the life and visionary pursuits of The King, brings attention to crucial themes such as social mobility, a cause championed ardently by His Majesty for decades.

Recognising the close affinity of The King’s heart to social mobility, demonstrated through initiatives like The Prince’s Trust, where he advocates for apprenticeships and skills training, the Skills and Education Group aligns its mission with this passion. The Group, through its commitment to providing essential training and qualifications, mirrors His Majesty’s dedication to empowering individuals for success.

“The Skills and Education Group are delighted to be contributing to this book, honouring His Majesty’s passion and dedication to public service throughout his 75 years. As an organisation, we share common values with the work of The King, and we are pleased to be able to showcase this within the book.”

Paul Eeles, Chief Executive of Skills and Education Group

The book, authored by The New York Times best-selling author Robert Jobson, not only explores His Majesty’s intent to shape a relevant and future-facing monarchy but also underscores examples of achievement and progress across social, cultural, technological, and commercial spheres.

Featuring the renowned photography of Arthur Edwards MBE, who has documented the Royal Family for over 45 years, the publication promises to be a compelling testament to His Majesty’s legacy and the collaborative efforts of organizations like the Skills and Education Group in advancing the noble cause of social mobility.