Seth’s Story – From the world of Finance to Adult Nursing…

Having moved to England from Ghana over twenty years ago, Seth had high aspirations to pursue a high-flying career in the world of Finance.

In around 2010, Seth graduated from university having studied Accounts and Finance. However, during the lockdown, Seth reflected on his working life. He found that following his move to the Stoke-on-Trent area over ten years ago, he had been unsuccessful in securing the high-flying significant career in the Finance sector he once dreamt of.

Seth felt that a career in nursing could be an excellent option to explore. Having spent time volunteering at the local hospital, he believed that his caring nature suited this type of environment and allowed him to utilise his listening and communication skills, to support and counsel others.

Lockdown easing…

Following lockdown easing in March, Seth spoke to a friend whilst out in the town centre. Seth shared his aspirations of going to university to study Nursing, and he’d researched the course requirements but lacked the GCSE English equivalent. His friend happened to mention that the Pathway SkillsZone Burslem Centre ran Level 2 Functional Skill programmes for adults. Shortly after, Seth contacted the centre, who spoke with our Administrator Emily to schedule an appointment with Naomi, our Business Development Manager.

Seth was keen to confirm that the Government would fully fund his studies and that the Functional Skills qualifications would be equivalent to GCSE’s. Naomi explained that:

  • Level 1 Functional Skills are equivalent to a GCSE Grade E-D (2-3).
  • Level 2 Functional Skills are equivalent to GCSE Grade C-A*(4-9).

Seth intended to use the Functional Skills qualification as a stepping-stone to enrol on to the Adult Nursing Degree at University.

Seth records completing an Initial Assessment of his Maths & English, which was used to identify his current levels of understanding in the subjects. The result then allowed for the creation of his assessment to plan, which would map out the next stage of his English and maths journey.

Upon completing his Initial Assessment, Seth met with Ashleigh, his assigned Functional Skills Tutor.

Ashleigh reviewed Seth’s responses and overall result and assured Seth that his skills would be at the expected standard to study towards the Level 2 English Functional after some scheduled support sessions.

During sessions, Seth found Ashleigh’s delivery to be ‘amazing’ and ‘on point’, delivering the course at the right level for him to understand. Seth recalled contacting Ashleigh whilst outside of the centre hours, where she responded and reassured Seth of his knowledge and abilities.

Seth found his experience with the team to be ‘friendly and ‘supportive’ throughout his studies.

Following the achievement of his Level 2 Functional Skills in English, Seth has enrolled on to the Adult Nursing Degree via a local higher education provider. He is keen to progress into his new career in Nursing.

I achieved what I needed too. Without this opportunity, I wouldn’t have been able to enrol on my Adult Nursing Degree.

From everyone at #TeamPathway, we wish you the best of luck for your future!