Grow your business through B2B Networking

Since 2012 Pathway Group have been promoting and operating a business networking community called: Pathway2Grow with a vision to engage with local businesses and assist them to Network, Learn and Grow.

Pathway Group believe that building long term effective relationships through local business networking, opens up opportunities leading to business growth.

Pathway2Grow has evolved over the years and know has over 4 different events that run regularly every month across the country.

The events are referred to as Coffee and Natter, Chutney and Chat, Samosa Saturday, Cereal Network and Peer Meetup.

Each event varies in format however, most of our events are free to attend and present great opportunities for business owners and managers to meet one another in a friendly, and informal setting, with a topical guest speaker.

The network embraces all social media platforms as well enabling regular interaction and communication and you will see us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Whatsapp. There is no formal registration or membership fees and members are not expected to attend regularly, although we find most people enjoy it and do.

100+ Events Annually

4,000 event attendees across the events

10,000+ Connections Made

by Professionals connecting at our events and online

7,500+ Social Media Following

on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Whatsapp

5 Million+ Conversations

Held by Members conversing online and at events.

Events across 10 Towns and Cities

including Birmingham, Wolverhampton and periodically in London and Manchester

Still Unsure About Business Networking?

Seven reason why business owners attend networking events..

Many business people recognise a face to face meeting is better form of forming a business relationship.
Many business contacts thrive and exploit the group's business contact opportunities.
Most business owners consider attending business networks a good investment in time and recommend this to others!
We can build a network of contacts and trusted sources where we refer to one another.
It’s an opportunity to pitch and promote your services and products to other business contacts and likewise also give any buying signals and assistance you require.
Most business contacts look for business from a business group/network.
Small business networking provides added value benefits.