Pathway working with SMEs

SME is a Small and Medium Enterprise. SME relates to businesses that have less than 250 employees and are made up of a wide representative of all business types.  The Department of Business and Innovation estimated there are 4.8 million SME businesses, and SMEs currently account for nearly 99.3 % of all businesses in the UK.

Figures suggest that 62.7% (3 Million) of business are sole proprietorships, 28% (1.3 million) of SMEs are companies and 9.3% (448,000) of SMEs are partnerships.

It was reported that 14.1 million people have secured employment within an SME. This accounts for over 60% of the workforce\’s employment, with a combined turnover of £1,500 billion. Small businesses account for 34.4% of turnover. In the private sector alone, SMEs account for over half of employment (59.1 %) of employment and almost half (48.8 %) of the turnover.

Pathway Group work closely with SMEs and contribute to their success, by promoting and encouraging education and training, thereby improving and advancing employment prospects. We have a comprehensive range of courses and apprenticeship schemes to facilitate workforce development.

We want to help your staff get qualified and give them a chance to succeed and achieve.

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