Pathway Progression Plus

A brighter future for young people

Pathway Progression Plus is an excellent alternative to traditional learning. Perhaps you don’t want to do classroom-related learning and have interests outside the classroom.

Learning can be fun, and you can increase your potential!

Pathway Progression Plus – New Friends

Meet New Friends

Thousands of young people are progressing their careers and prospects, shouldn’t you find out more?

You can learn and make new friends who may share your goals and improve your employability simultaneously.

Pathway Progression Plus – Bright Future

A Bright Future

Get your first steps with Pathway Progression Plus to learn skills that will make your future bright.

This flexible service gets you on the right track to new skills and apprenticeships.

Pathway Progression Plus – Develop Valuable Skills

Develop Valuable Skills

Take steps to further your skills in a career, text us, chat with us, and visit us on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

 We are here when you need us to get the low down on how qualifications can give you the skills you need.

Learning can be fun, and Pathway Progression plus can help you focus on your goals, understand your strengths and encourage you to go for it, increasing your potential!

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