Pathway Progression Plus

We’re supporting businesses to recruit local job-ready young people

Have you ever considered meeting your skill gap by employing a diverse workforce?

  • But not sure how to find the right staff and give the right support
  • Worried you may not get it right, or it may be difficult and take time
  • We can support you through the journey and help you to become an Employer who supports young people to change their lives

Pathway Group has over twenty years of experience working with employers to meet their skills gap by supporting them to employ and retain a diverse workforce.


Our involvement offers opportunities for people to change their lives and help businesses grow.

We work with employers of all shapes and sizes and offer gain, retain and upskilling support, helping employers find the right staff and bridging that gap between training and upskilling staff member via our traineeship and apprenticeship programmes. Our account managers support you and your employee through their journey.

What is Access to Work?


Access to Work can help an Employee get or stay at work if they have a physical or mental health condition or disability. The support you get will depend on their needs and may include help with managing mental health at work.

Access to Work could give you the grant to help pay for things like:

  • BSL interpreters, lip speakers or note-takers
  • Adaptations to your vehicle so they can get to work
  • Taxi fares to work or a support worker if they cannot use public transport
  • A support worker or job coach to help them in the workplace
  • It does not matter how much they earn.

The Employer may need to pay some costs upfront and claim them back later.

Accessibility Passport


This accessibility passport is designed to support discussions around removing any barriers and maximising the potential of each employee and volunteer in the workplace.

Everyone involved in the conversation should approach it with an open mind and willingness to consider all possible options that will ultimately deliver a happy compromise and how organisational and individual needs can and will be met.

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