Pathway Group supporting CPD design focus initiatives by BCU 

Birmingham City University’s new Continuing Professional Development Programme: Safaraz Ali, CEO of Pathway Group, was invited to assist in the CPD Design Focus team.

The team’s goal is to develop and deliver a CPD Programme that addresses the critical workforce development and business growth challenges organisations face today and in the future.


“I am proud to represent Pathway Group and participate in the Design Focus Team of BCU and to offer personal insight on my experience of working with employers, and with this experience, we can ensure that this great initiative by BCU meets the workforce development needs and business challenges”.

Safaraz Ali, Pathway Group CEO

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BCU want to ensure this happens. Therefore, having a leading business figure in the design team was of paramount importance by allowing them to craft the design and content of the bespoke range of CPD offerings that BCU will deliver.

From ‘Business Resilience’ to ‘Sustainability and Growth’; from ‘Managing High-performing Teams’ to ’Handling Difficult Conversations’; from ‘Exploiting current Information Technology’ to ‘Digital Transformation’, the range of business challenges is significant, and the design team at BCU believes its training needs to respond in an agile way to rapidly changing business needs.

To meet these needs, the team have designed a series of short, sharp and relevant units of study that consist of a maximum of 8 hours of delivery over six weeks through a blend of online active learning sessions and face-to-face workshops. In addition, each ‘stand-alone’ CPD offer may include the completion of a Case Study for each participant that deals with a business challenge faced by their company. While undertaking their chosen Case Study, participants would have access to online support and guidance from Business School tutors with relevant, up-to-date industry experience.