OAL Awards Finalists Revealed!

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance (MAA) proudly congratulates Occupational Awards Limited (OAL) for successfully concluding the judging panels for the inaugural OAL Awards and revealing the names of the finalists.

This achievement is a momentous milestone within the realm of apprenticeships and perfectly aligns with the MAA’s dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and excellence.

With over 60 nominations spanning across 10 categories, including the distinguished Equality & Diversity Champion category, the overwhelming response underscores the utmost significance of recognizing and celebrating excellence within apprenticeships. The MAA stands firmly behind the principle of acknowledging those who contribute profoundly to diversity, inclusion, and remarkable achievements in the realm of apprenticeship programs.

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“A special note of appreciation is extended to the judges, among them Jagdeep Soor from the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, for their meticulous efforts and insightful judgment. Their involvement further underscores the MAA’s commitment to championing diversity in the landscape of apprenticeships.”

For those eagerly awaiting, the list of finalists has already been unveiled. We invite everyone to explore the names and achievements of those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to advancing apprenticeships while embodying the values of equality and diversity. This pivotal moment accentuates the importance of cultivating an all-encompassing and multicultural environment within apprenticeship programs, setting a precedent for future endeavors.

As we anticipate the upcoming grand OAL Awards ceremony, slated for Thursday, the 19th of October, at York Racecourse, we celebrate the remarkable contributions of OAL’s customers in the vibrant tapestry of apprenticeships. It is an occasion not to be missed, as it will shine a spotlight on the exceptional achievements that shape the apprenticeship landscape.