Lloyds Banking Group – Haris Javed

Haris came to the UK with his family at age 4. His dad was a qualified chemical engineer but couldn’t work in that field within the UK unless he studied for a further two years which was off the table as he was the breadwinner. His father eventually started his own business, and this entrepreneurial spirit in the face of adversity motivated Haris to forge his path. Excelling academically, Haris secured a spot at Manchester University to study computer science and mathematics. His mother was delighted, believing university was the key to success, the only way.

Haris Javed

However, three weeks before starting his course, Haris faced a significant obstacle when he learned that his immigration status made him ineligible for student loans. Devastated, he took on multiple part-time jobs for over a year, hoping to save the £60,000 needed for university.

By chance, Haris learned about the Level 4 Software Engineering Apprenticeship at Lloyds Banking Group through a friend on the LBG scholar’s scheme. Although initially viewing it as a temporary measure and a means to end to save money for University, Haris soon recognised the opportunity as a blessing in disguise.

“Receiving a qualification, gaining experience, and having it all paid for seemed too good to be true.”

By joining LBG’s apprenticeship programme, Haris could pursue his passion for technology and support his family financially, contrary to his and others’ misconception that all apprenticeships paid low wages. Although his mother initially urged him to continue saving for university as it was the only type of success she understood, she gradually realised the merits of apprenticeships. Haris’ success, especially compared to his university-going friends in the same field, convinced her that apprenticeships could lead to highly rewarding and successful careers.

Completing his Level 4 apprenticeship in 2020, Haris eagerly sought new challenges. His proactive attitude led him to network and present on panels discussing diversity, at which he found someone recruiting in a different team as part of the wider Engineering community LBG and eventually, through the connection, was able to secure a promotion. As part of this, Haris illustrated the benefits of apprenticeships to the organisation and convinced his manager to enable him to enrol on the Level 6 Digital & Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship.

In his own words, ‘ He made his mum proud. After seeing Haris’ success and the boost from industry experience, she actively encourages Haris’ younger brother to explore apprenticeship opportunities (as is he) instead of solely focusing on the university.

As the evening concluded, the atmosphere was filled with pride and optimism. The impact of these apprenticeship programmes resonates not only within Lloyds Banking Group but also across the broader professional landscape. By investing in the development of talented individuals, the company is not only shaping the future of its workforce but also contributing to the growth and success of the wider community.

Lloyds Banking Group continues to lead the way in fostering a culture of learning, growth, and empowerment. As the applause subsides and the awards recipients continue their journeys, one thing is clear: the transformative power of apprenticeships knows no bounds. With Lloyds Banking Group’s commitment and dedication, the impact of these programmes will continue to ripple through the lives of countless individuals and the organisation.

Haris actively engages with schools and colleges, educating parents and students, especially those from multicultural backgrounds, about the benefits of apprenticeships. He aims to challenge the cultural association of success with only university education.