Lifelong Learning Week

Lifelong Learning Week aims to celebrate the benefits of adult education for individuals, communities and employers.
Safaraz Ali
Sadly, drowned out by all that is going on in this troubled world: lockdown mark two, the US Presidential election and terrorist attacks across Europe, Lifelong Learning Week risks going largely unnoticed.
But it is not unnoticed by the team here at Pathway because we know that learning is the best route to opportunity and that it is something that needs to go on throughout our lives.
There has never been a more important time for learning be it basic digital skills or something more complex.

Knowledge economy

The ‘Knowledge economy’ has become a buzz phrase but it is much more to it than that due to the way that the world is changing. Skills learned in the past, increasingly have a limited shelf life as the world changes so rapidly and our need to respond and adapt is ever more so vital.
Experience in general is having also less and less of importance as what we know and have done in the past has less relevance for what we now need to do. It’s our ability to learn, unlearn and relearn that is the key for future survivability and growth.
We need to learn the ability to learn and keep growing, skills and traits such as coaching, resilience, adaptability, data analysis, critical thinking, visionary and of course digital are just some that we at Pathway have identified as key for the now and the foreseeable future.
“Never stop learning. Never stop growing.”
Safaraz Ali, CEO of Pathway Group