Jane, from the Warehouse, to Housekeeper!

“very reserved and did not know what steps to take next to find employment…”

During a scheduled appointment with her Job Centre Advisor, Jane was referred to our Pathway SkillsZone Burslem centre for advice and support looking for employment.

Jane recalls being “very reserved and did not know what steps to take next to find employment”.

Jane had previous work experience in a warehouse environment; however, she was keen to explore alternative careers routes.

Upon arriving at the centre, Jane met with Naomi. They discussed interests, likes, and dislikes – what she enjoys doing – it was apparent to Naomi that warehousing wasn’t an ideal career route for Jane.

Jane shows her love of cooking, cleaning, caring for others, and general household duties.

Naomi used this as the focal point of Jane’s support, exploring employment in something she loves doing, which she has a passion for.

Naomi assisted Jane in reviewing her CV and creating an account on Indeed to enable her to search and apply for jobs.

Jane - Warehouse to Housekeeper

Due to Jane’s caring nature, she was offered the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge of the Adult Social Care environment, out understand our care programme.

Jane attended the course daily and engaged well with others, allowing her to build a good rapport with others, really coming out of her shell in the process.

Throughout the course, Jane continued to receive support from Naomi, providing advice and help with job searches and applications. As a result, Jane developed confidence more than she initially expected and knew she could seek assistance when needed to stay on track.

During her course, Jane had managed to secure an interview at ‘Manor House Hotel and Spa’ in a house-keeping role. Jane attended the interview and has secured employment!

Jane is hugely grateful for all her support, and she especially ‘cannot thank the team enough!’

In her new role, Jane’s day-to-day tasks include:

  • Working shifts to accomplish daily cleaning duties
  • Inspect rooms to make sure that standards have been met
  • Record any faults or damage and make arrangements for repairs

From everyone at #TeamPathway, we wish you the best of luck for your future!

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