Empowering Employment: #WorkingForBetterWork

On the path to achieving better work opportunities and addressing the transforming UK labour market, our recent job fairs across the West Midlands, held in support of Employability Day 2023, marked a significant mileston in our 22-year history, supported by partners, to connect Restart Scheme participants with employers, training providers, and local labour requirements.

We’ve been committed to supporting long-term unemployment reduction and empowering millions of individuals to overcome barriers to work. Through our community of employability specialists across England, we have navigated challenging times and ensured the effective development of the labour market. Our commitment to empowering job seekers and connecting them with employers was exemplified in this job fair.


Our events received invaluable support from industry specialist organisations. Their support and collaboration have played a significant role in making our events a success.

These events serve as access to expertise, insights, and resources, ensuring that participants have access to the latest industry trends, job opportunities, and guidance.

Stronger together; collaboration between industry experts and job seekers is vital in bridging the gap between skills and employment. The support from these events has not only benefited job seekers but has also allowed employers to connect with a diverse pool of talented individuals and find the right fit for their organisations.

We want to extend a heartfelt appreciation to our partners for their commitment to empowering job seekers and fostering connections within the labour market:


National Careers Service is a leading organisation that provides invaluable guidance, resources, and career advice to individuals seeking employment or career development.

Through their expert career advisors, they empower others with the knowledge and support necessary to navigate the ever-evolving job market successfully.

Warmer Homes is dedicated to addressing fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency in homes across the nation.

Their sustainable solutions create employment opportunities and ensure affordable, warm, and healthy living conditions for communities.

Their participation emphasises their commitment to creating a better work environment.

National Infrastructure Solutions plays a crucial role in shaping the infrastructure landscape of the UK.

Their expertise in planning, designing, and implementing infrastructure projects opens employment opportunities in various transportation, energy, telecommunications, and construction sectors.

By supporting the job fair, they demonstrate their dedication to promoting career growth in these industries.

SPR Recruitment, a renowned recruitment agency, SPR Recruitment excels in connecting job seekers with employers from diverse sectors.

Their comprehensive approach to recruitment ensures the right match between candidates and employers, fostering sustainable and productive working relationships.

WorkPays specialises in supporting individuals with barriers to employment.

Through tailored training, mentoring, and job placement services, they empower job seekers to overcome challenges and secure meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities.

Their presence at the job fair showcases their commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

Advance Healthcare is a leading provider of healthcare services, offering support and care to individuals in need.

By creating employment opportunities in the healthcare sector, they contribute to meeting the growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals.

Their participation demonstrates their dedication to addressing crucial workforce requirements.

Pin Point Recruitment is a reputable agency dedicated to bridging the gap between skilled workers and employers across various industries.

Their comprehensive recruitment services play a pivotal role in connecting job seekers with suitable employers, enhancing the efficiency of the labour market.