Compass Group UK & Ireland gift £500,000 to the West Midlands Combined Authority

Compass Group UK & Ireland are boosting hospitality and professional services apprenticeships for the region, via the Apprenticeship Levy Fund, by gifting £500,000 to the West Midlands Combined Authority


The infusion of funding is poised to facilitate acquiring essential skills, knowledge, and behaviours required for individuals to ingress and advance within the hospitality sector. Moreover, it will allow West Midlands enterprises to tap into a growing pool of emerging talent, a critical stride towards equalising regional opportunities.

Jonathan Foot, the Head of Apprenticeships and Early Careers at Compass Group UK & Ireland affirmed their dedication to nurturing and fostering talent, thereby generating avenues for all to prosper. He expressed profound satisfaction in collaborating with the West Midlands Combined Authority, signifying a substantial transfer of Apprenticeship Levy Funding.

Jonathan emphasised is a reflection of their corporate responsibility to contribute to the communities they are embedded in. The focal point of this endeavour lies in their aspiration to offer support to SME establishments and residents in the West Midlands. This initiative, he noted, will fortify their ongoing efforts in the region and augment their forthcoming project—the launch of Compass’ Regional Community Skills & Learning Hub in Edgbaston, anticipated to commence operations early the following year.


Jonathan Foot, the Head of Apprenticeships and Early Careers at Compass Group UK & Ireland

Jagdeep Soor

Jagdeep Soor, the Head of Strategic Partnerships

Resonating with Foot’s sentiments, Jagdeep Soor, the Head of Strategic Partnerships at the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, hailed this enterprise as an exemplary endeavour, poised to yield substantial regional advantages. He viewed it as a trailblazing initiative that should serve as a model for other employers and regions under the aegis of Combined Authorities.

Jagdeep underscored the hospitality and professional services gap, which necessitated an infusion of investment following the sector’s tumultuous journey through the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Jagdeep, the infusion of investment into apprenticeships is poised to facilitate sectoral recovery, enhance competency levels, and address skill gaps. Beyond these merits, the initiative can potentially ameliorate equity, diversity, inclusion, and social mobility within the hospitality and professional services domain. Soor expressed keen anticipation for the fruition of the Regional Community Skills & Learning Hub, expressing his hope to organise a gathering of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance patronage at the venue shortly.

He said deep gratitude for the support extended by Compass Group UK & Ireland, who have also lent their patronage to the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and endorsed various other initiatives, including the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards, Festival of Apprenticeships, and The Apprenticeship Diversity & Social Mobility Forum.