Carolina – Achievement of Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths

Furloughed, Redundancy into Employment and off to University. 

Tell us about your circumstances and situation. 

I had been working for British Airways, however, due to the pandemic, I had been furloughed, and later made redundant from the business after working there for 22 years. I was exploring ways to return to higher education, and back into employment. 

How did you find out about Pathway Group and the Adult Skills for Work offer? 

I was passed information from a family member who came across a Pathway Facebook post, I got in touch about enrolling for my Functional Skills Maths Level 2 qualification. 
After speaking with Connor, I was made aware of the opportunities available to me via Adult Skills for Work. 
Having studied at University many years ago, I had previously achieved my Level 2 English qualification. I wanted to return to university, to study Nursing, but required a Level 2 Maths qualification, to be accepted. 

How did you feel before starting the Level 2 Functional Skills Maths programme? 
I was very motivated and determined to achieve my goal when I enrolled onto this course. Being on furlough throughout lockdown, I was able to utilise my time wisely and worked extremely hard to prepare for the exam. 

What was your experience of the programme? 

When starting the course I enjoyed the virtual learning experience, but when it was time to sit the exam, I struggled with my confidence with completing the exam online. Pathway Group helped by administrating the examination by paper, when lockdown measures were reduced. This helped me overcome this barrier. 

What were your goals, before you started the programme? 

When thinking about returning to high education, I knew I was facing redundancy from British Airways, where I had worked for over 22 years, I had decided I wanted a career change and to do this, I would have to work hard to achieve my goal. 

My goals, involved, securing employment, particularly over the Christmas period, enrol on to adult nursing at university, and to gain employment with the NHS. 

What goals were you able to achieve? 

  • Over the Christmas period I gained temporary employment with NEXT
  • I then gained employment as an administration assistant with CAMHS.
  • I’ve also enrolled at University to study adult nursing. 

Few words from Caroline’s Pathway Group advisor: 

“Carolina enrolled and achieved Level 2 Maths Functional Skills with us, during the coronavirus pandemic. Carolina was determined to achieve this qualification. 
Carolina had a short timescale to achieve this and had so much depended on her gaining this qualification, giving her the discipline to complete her work and ensure she was ready to pass the exam. This course was delivered virtually with a group and one to one session. Carolina also purchased her own study books for extra revision. Carolina said she would have benefited from more classroom teaching sessions, but still thoroughly enjoyed the course.” 

What activities did you undertake to build their confidence? 

I feel by having the opportunity to complete this Functional Skills course it has given me the encouragement and support to complete the work and achieve the qualification, which has enabled me to make that career change and enrol at university. 

I have refreshed my Maths knowledge and gained new skills that I can now use in future roles. 

What have you achieved since completed the Functional Skills Maths Level 2 programme? 
I initially gained a temporary job in the retail sector, I have now gained employment with CAMHS and am currently waiting to start university where I will be studying Adult Nursing. 
I have achieved and exceeded my goals that I set out to do when I first enrolled on the course and I am now starting my new career. 
What has been the biggest benefit of completing this programme? 
I am now able to progress on to university and pursue her career in Mental Health and Adult Nursing. This qualification has opened so many career opportunities for me that would not have been possible before. 
I haven’t studied Maths since leaving school, I am so happy and proud that I managed to upskill and achieve this qualification in such a short amount of time, it has contributed towards my motivation to move forward in my career and encouraged me to continue my lifelong learning journey with university.