Brand of the Year 2016 – Pathway Group

Pathway Group is honoured to have been recognised as ‘Brand of the Year’ at the Pakistan Achievement Awards 2016. This is a celebration of the collective efforts from each of our team members.In the apt words of author and keynote speaker Brian Solis: ‘We live in a time where brands are people, and people are brands’. And without our ‘people’ at Pathway Group, this highly-esteemed accolade would not have been within our grasp.

We pride ourselves in creating value for trusted business communities. Our Pathway2Grow forums are testament to this as they enable business owners to connect, and build long-lasting professional relationships. We manage our networking groups on a ‘no strings attached’ basis, so members are never asked to ‘sign up’ or pay any form of a subscription fee- All we ask is that our affiliates share their advice and expertise, and participate in online and off-line engagements where appropriate.

We have successfully launched our networking platforms in various cities across the country. Our most recent debut event was the launch of Bromsgrove ‘Coffee & Natter’- a monthly business event which takes place on a weekday afternoon. For those who prefer to network during the evenings or at the weekends, we have set up ‘Chutney and Chat’ regionally, as well as ‘Samosa Saturday’ a networking forum open for ladies only.

Our regional directors have advanced greatly through managing our networking groups, as they have built and raised awareness of their own brands and businesses. We are currently looking to launch our Pathway2Grow groups in other areas of the UK. Not only will this encourage further professional networking, but it will also allow us to create mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs.

As leading apprenticeship training providers, Pathway Group has paid particular attention to the upcoming government changes for 2017. The most fundamental transition being the ‘apprenticeship levy’. With the concept of educating employers and apprentices firmly in mind, we have collated useful information about the levy and relayed it in print documents, and at various events. In the run-up to the apprenticeship levy being introduced, we will focus on advising companies on how to prepare for the changes, and take full advantage of them.

In addition to this, Pathway Group is proud of having hosted the ‘Asian Apprenticeship Awards’ in Birmingham, and being able to successfully highlight the achievements of the younger generation. Although this inspirational event was the first of its kind, we are keen to make it the first of many and have plans to relaunch the awards ceremony towards the end of 2017. We look forward to welcoming even more keynote speakers, and celebrating the plethora of opportunities, that apprenticeships provide.

The Brand of the year award was presented to Safaraz Ali (Saf) on behalf of Pathway Group by Baroness Warsi with audience members from the Pakistani Business Community across the UK there on the night. A heartfelt thank you to the supporters of Pathway Group, and to those who share our aspirations. We approach the new year with our continued belief in recognising potential, encouraging teamwork, and of course, the celebrating the value of ‘people’.