Why more business leaders should turn their hand to writing?

Have you often thought ‘I should write’ but then the thought has seemed too overwhelming or the benefits of doing so not clearly visible, and therefore you have not pursued it?

There are more outlets and more opportunities than ever before available to you starting from writing thought leadership pieces or informative updates on your own company website, as well as grasping the opportunity to update via informative emails to colleagues or customers.  Then there is the creation of newsletter for your business as well posting on social media platforms, blogging on sites such as Medium and Blogger and opportunities to submit articles to professional publications.

While you may argue that writing may not immediately deliver new business for you, it often can help with personal and company branding, deepen relationships with stakeholders and help towards recruiting talent and creating collaborations.  Nowadays many business leaders see it as a crucial part of their activity to build trust and influence and recognise that and do not have to the greatest of writers; you just need something interesting and stimulating to say.

It forces you to look for new ways of thinking!

Writing encourages you to communicate not only your own ideas, but it also helps you learn how to observe the thoughts and ideas of others. You will become more aware of the way others think on a regular basis and generate inspiration for new concepts you may not have previously considered.

There’s no great formula for writing the perfect content it all comes down to communicating ideas that are worth sharing. ultimately, it is a choice to continue just consuming other people’s content or start creating your own. Give it a go, you have a lot to gain.

Why more business leaders should turn their hand to writing?