Championing Social Values

Social Values is the ‘catch-all’ term used to describe the difference an organisation or project can make to the community they are operating within.

The ‘Three Pillars of Sustainability, delivering outcomes in these three areas should enable organisations to move beyond delivering only profit and loss outcomes and move to produce a “Triple Bottom Line”.


A sustainable business should have the support and approval of its employees, stakeholders and the community it operates in


Reducing carbon footprints, packaging waste, water usage and their overall effect on the environment


A sustainable business must be profitable, but it is essential to ensure compliance, proper governance, and risk management.

Ideally, the three elements should be in balance, and if they are, they will produce a sustainable future society by making life more bearable, viable and equitable.

Raising the awareness of Social Values

Energy efficiency

We are using less energy to perform the same task – eliminating energy waste and investment into renewable energy technologies.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We're using less paper, and more electronic systems such as ePortfolios and online initial assessments - reducing waste and saving teams. In addition, our teams are minimising travel, utilising online technology where possible.

Supporting nonprofits & community initiatives

We support nonprofit organisations to establish and grow, supporting a wide range of community initiatives that positively impact the region, such as grass roots sports.