Shelly – Level 3 Apprenticeship in Lead Adult Care Worker

Shellondene (goes by the nickname Shelly) recently completed her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Lead Adult Care Worker with us, we took the time to catch up with her and find out more about her apprenticeship journey, and how things have changed for her.

Tell us about yourself…

I’m Shelly, I’m a Senior Personal Assistant, working for Longhurst Group. We’re one of the largest housing groups in the Midlands and East of England, managing and delivering a wide range of care and support services.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

Having started with Longhurst Group in May 2015, I was looking for opportunities to better myself.

I wanted to find an opportunity, that would allow me to progress in my profession, giving me a stepping stone for my future, where I’d like to consider being a Nurse or Social Worker.  

After speaking with my employer and the training provider, I was recommended an apprenticeship, as this was a more rounded programme allowing me to complete my Care Certificate, English and Maths along with gaining the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care, which would provide me with an opportunity of not only gaining the qualifications but enhance my understanding of the care industry.

What opportunities did the apprenticeship offer you?

My tutor Mohammed provided me with excellent training, which helped me to understand the different responsibilities of my role. He would take the time to motivate me and continue to push me to do my best. 

As my confidence grew, my colleagues and manager would comment on my enhanced skills and knowledge, which helped them to trust me with more responsibilities. Naturally increasing my knowledge and skill, including my job satisfaction.

The support I received from Mohammed, my colleagues and my manager, I believe helped me to develop my knowledge and achieve a distinction grade for my hard work.

What impact has the apprenticeship had on you?

I now look back at my job and can help with improving the service users experience. I am now looking at the care plans with a new vision and aiming to get the standards high, across the board. I am more confident in communicating with others as I know I have the knowledge to challenge people, when necessary.

Do you feel more confident as a result of your apprenticeship?

Definitely – I feel much more confident in all areas of my role, I know that I’m doing a good job. All thanks to Mohammed, motiving and encouraging me, to be the best that I can.

Yes, they are very happy with me. Having a distinction has made me very valued. They are now trusting me in more responsibilities and are hoping for me to do my level 5. 

Has your apprenticeship changed how you’re viewed by your colleagues and employer?

My employer is now relying on my skills and would like for me to take on more responsibilities. I have personally also motivated several colleagues, who have seen me develop and grow in confidence.

Having gained a distinction, others are now motivated in achieving the same standards and look up to my standard of work.

Since undertaking my apprenticeship, I have increased my responsibilities in my current role, and I feel so much more respect from my employer and my colleagues, making me feel valued.

I believe my employer has confidence in my standard of work, and I aspire to take charge of the entire running Birmingham centres in the future.

Do you feel closer to achieving your goals?

Yes, I am now one step closer and am growing in confidence by the day.  

What do you plan to do next?

As my confidence, skills and knowledge develop, I have ambitions of undertaking the Level 5 Apprenticeship in Leader in Adult Care.


Few words from Shelly’s tutor, Mohammed Arfan

It has been a wonderful working with Shelly, her confidence and knowledge has grown tremendously.

(Photo: Shelly upon achievement of her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Adult Care Worker Certificate)


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