Scaling A Business: Best Way Ahead & Common Pitfalls To Avoid

When businesses scale, it is often said that they need to become less dependent upon individuals and learn to use technology, processes and system. Having ‘A’ players is great but it’s not enough if the business is to move to the next level because people unlike systems cannot be cloned.

Everything that is done within the business needs to be documented, and not just basic things like the visons, missions, roles and responsibility It is also how you expect your team to do things. Focus on the processes where the hard work is done and less on where you rely on people like yourself and other senior leaders in your business.

I know it is easier said than done, but systems and processes take priority over single or individual tasks. There is no extra benefit, and it can often be detrimental in your journey to scale if you are focusing on single-action tasks.


The business should be focused on leveraging systemisation and automation where possible. Keep thinking about the improvements that make actions easier, better, faster, or wherever possible, reduces the reliance on higher level skills. Do not manage personalities, instead manage processes. This can sound intuitive but rely on processes, systems, and your structure within the business to get things done rather than the individual’s talents.

Think about process and systems which can be embedded into the business and will give you the outcomes that you require. The best way to do this is to focus on how to achieve the outcome and not on the outcome itself. This is a small statement, but it has a massive impact within business.

Scaling A Business: Best Way Ahead & Common Pitfalls To Avoid

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