Partnership Announcement: The BAME Apprentice Network and Stonewall Young Futures

The BAME Apprentice Network has partnered with Stonewall Young Futures in the effort to reduce the gap of diversity in skills development, training, apprenticeships, education and work.

Both organisations are working collectively to support the members of the LGBTQ+ community to get into education, training and work. Together they will create a digital platform that will look to :

  • Inform people of routes into education, training, apprenticeships or work.
  • Help them gain confidence to start their careers.
  • Empower LGBTQ+ people to be themselves in these environments.
  • Films of LGBTQ+ members sharing their journey
  • Signposting of information and opportunities in training, apprenticeships, work, high education and support on mental health
  • Information of LGBTQ+ youth groups, rights in the workplace and self-advocacy.
Stonewall Young Futures

Stonewall’s report Shut Out highlighted the challenges faced by many LGBTQ+ member that can have a negative impact on their mental health and lead them into becoming disengaged from education, training and work. They stand for LGBTQ+ people everywhere and envision a world where all people are free to be themselves and can live happy fulfilling lives.

BAME Apprentice Network Powered by Pathway Group

BAME Apprentice Network has evolved from the BAME Apprenticeship Awards that was established in 2016 in association with Pathway Group to improve the representation of BAME community in apprenticeships. Our mission is to change the apprenticeship landscape by empowering apprentices to develop both on a personal and professional level meanwhile, advocating for change in the sector. We want to build a community where apprentices can network and share their knowledge and experiences.


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“We admire and respect the work of Stonewall and I would like to congratulate both the team at BAME Apprentice Network and for this collaboration and partnership. If you are a Black or Minority Ethnic LGBTQ+ young person, the BAME Apprenticeship Network can help you find an apprenticeship that is right for you, as well as offering mentoring and personal and professional development opportunities to help you apply and grow your confidence.”

Martin Chandler, Digital Engagement Manager at Pathway Group

BAME Apprentice Network Powered by Pathway Group

Stonewall and BAME Apprentice Network have plans to expand the project in the years to come adding more content and opportunities through the digital platform to reach as many people as possible in the effort for everyone to live a content and fulfilling life.

Stonewall Young Futures