Partnership Announcement: The BAME Apprentice Network and Cognassist

Pathway Group has launched a new partnership with Cognassist, supporting our commitment to closing the diversity gap in apprenticeships. 

All members of the BAME Apprentice Network will benefit from access to Cognassist Digital Cognitive Assessments for free, which will help develop a better understanding of the human brain, identifying cognitive abilities which don’t exist on one scale of intelligence.

The BAME Apprentice Network has supported Cognassist on a number of high profile initiatives, with the latest being: The Quality Series, which also featured the Federation of Awarding Bodies and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

The Quality Series  discussion is available for free on-demand viewing and comes as part of a wider campaign dedicated to highlighting the importance of equality within high-quality learning environments. The campaign is focused on raising awareness of the issues faced by individuals who are less likely to be diagnosed, Cognassist are keen to move past the awareness stage and take action on this issue. Providing free cognitive assessments to members of the BAME Apprentice Network is the first step in removing barriers to learning for many. Apprentices and even board members will be empowered to harness cognitive information for their benefit in both education and work.

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Cognassist is the UK’s leading digital neurodiversity assessment and training provider, offering the only NCFE endorsed qualification in neurodiversity.

Cognassist help individuals identify hidden learning needs and arm them with the tools they need to reach their full potential. Cognitive assessments are one part of the diagnosis process, they offer insight into the specific areas where people may experience learning difficulties and require support. By providing digital cognitive assessments, personalised learner journeys and neurodiversity training, Cognassist help to improve retention and attainment rates for over 100 organisations in the UK.

BAME Apprentice Network Powered by Pathway Group

The BAME Apprentice Network is an initiative of Pathway Group and came about from our work in 2016 when we launched the Asian Apprenticeship Awards, which subsequently evolved into the BAME Apprenticeship Awards.

The BAME Apprenticeship Network initiative not only acts as an aid for apprentices but also supports employers on their journey to making a meaningful difference to their Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion policy.

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For over 20 years, Pathway Group has been at the forefront of supporting individuals in upskilling and reskilling. Based in the Midlands, with North-west and London based training centres, serving the needs of a national network.

“Pathway Group are proud of this particular collaboration and we would like to congratulate Cognassist for supporting our mission of closing the diversity gap in apprenticeships. We at Pathway Group believe everyone can succeed if barriers to learning are properly addressed and removed. However, it is widely accepted that some individuals face more barriers than others, and this is where our work and impact is focused”.

Safaraz Ali, CEO of Pathway Group