Partnership Announcement: The BAME Apprentice Network and Association of Apprentices

WorldSkills UK and BAME Apprentice Network are working together to reduce the diversity gap in all skills sectors and create a more equal and inclusive environment.

As partners, we aspire to provide young people from all backgrounds with the skills required for the economy to thrive. We want to: 

  • Collectively drive positive change for the UK’s diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI).
  • Raise awareness, knowledge and understanding of DEI. 
  • Share our respective platforms to influence, learn, support and advocate for change and seek to engage and gather support from our respective networks.
  • Promote and support each other’s programmes and campaigns to create positive change amongst our networks.

WorldSkills UK is an international organisation supporting young people to get the best possible start in their life. As a whole, they raise standards in apprenticeships and technical education to give people the opportunity to get the best start in work and life. Striving to increase representation and positive engagement of underrepresented groups across all their services. Activities and products. WorldSkills UK looks forwards to providing all sectors with insight into the best practices with DEI.

BAME Apprentice Network Powered by Pathway Group

BAME Apprentice Network, inspired by the BAME Apprenticeship Awards that has been tackling the under-representation of the BAME community in the take up of apprentices since 2016 and is powered by Pathway Group.

Our mission is to change the apprenticeship landscape by empowering apprentices to develop personally and professionally while advocating for change in the sector. We are building a community where apprentices can network and share their knowledge.

Pathway Group White Logo

For over 20 years, Pathway Group has been at the forefront of supporting individuals in upskilling and reskilling. Based in the Midlands, with North-west and London based training centres, serving the needs of a national network.

BAME Apprentice Network Powered by Pathway Group

WorldSkills UK has recognised the BAME Apprentice Network as a strategic partner to help them increase the support for underrepresented groups.