Bernadette Doherty

I am passionate about Further Education and quality teaching and learning. I thoroughly enjoy waking up each morning, to work in a sector that allows me to embed this passion in all that I do. Passionate teachers are committed to creating a positive learning environment, sharing their own experiences and increasing the learning potential of students. My role is to support all within this process by creating an enriched and inclusive curriculum within a committed culture that values collaboration over competition, with resources that are inclusive, engaging and stretching for all abilities. A curriculum must be a living, breathing thing – constantly under review and constantly evolving in response to the shifting landscape and to assessment data. (Bromley, 2019). As part of my role, I plan to personally get to know the communities we serve to ensure that curriculum reflects the needs of the student and society as well as including the body of knowledge that students are expected to acquire, including vocational and life skills so that they can thrive in their future and not be left behind. (OFSTED)

My vocational background is largely in Health and Social Care but also includes a wealth of business experience. My overarching passion, lies within education for which I have spent over ten years within the further education sector. I bring to Pathway experience of tutoring, teaching within a college and working within a busy quality department, where I have experience as an IQA, Curriculum Lead and a coach/mentor/trainer. 

I consider myself to be a ‘home bird’ and when I am not spending my time with my children, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries (usually surrounding my vocational practice or education – I never switch off). I recently started running with a local running club, initially for the health benefits but soon found that the mental health and wellbeing reward far surpassed this. 

I am open to speaking to anyone and everyone about the different curriculums within Pathway. If it is something that particularly interests you, please feel free to get in touch to chat.

Bernadette Doherty