Andy Woodall

He is a dynamic and accomplished individual with over 25 years of experience in the fields of leadership & management, coaching & mindset and employability. He has an innate ability to develop effective organisational strategies that drive growth and generate revenue. Andy is passionate about helping people and organisations reach their full potential by leveraging his vast experience and knowledge.

Andy is the Founder and CEO of One Degree Difference, a leadership & coaching agency that specialises in helping companies achieve their people & performance goals. Through his work at One Degree Difference, Andy has helped numerous clients across various industries, including education, hospitality, and healthcare.

Andy’s experience in these roles has given him an in-depth understanding of employability, staff development & strategic alignment and he has supported many companies such as Serco, Citizens Advice, ICME (The Institute of Cast Metal Engineers), The UK Foundry Commission – Birmingham, Hereford, Dorset Council, People Plus, Jobs22, Shaw Trust, Birmingham City University and WMCA.

Considered an industry expert in the Employability sector, Andy is currently supporting a number of providers to improve job outcome performance and customer experience.

When not working, Andy is a devoted family man who enjoys traveling, watching football, and spending time with his wife and two children. He also enjoys giving back to the community through various charitable organisations.

Overall, Andy Woodall is an accomplished employability, staff development & strategic alignment, entrepreneur, and leader with a proven track record of success. His expertise and experience in the above areas make him an invaluable asset to any organisation looking to grow and achieve its staff development and branding goals.

Andy Woodall