Solomon Wenlock-Smith


Solomon Wenlock-Smith

Meet Solomon Wenlock-Smith

Hello, I’m Solomon Wenlock-Smith and I am an apprentice administrator for Pathway Group.

I have been working with the company for over three years, firstly through completing my Level 2 apprenticeship and maintaining study onto a Level 3 apprenticeship in administration.

Being a previous student at Pathway, I have seen the overall impact of how Pathway can have a positive influence on people’s lives. Seeing learners grow is beyond rewarding and we do what we can to assist our students into employment. I am currently working to complete the Level 3 apprenticeship and progress into a fully-fledged administrator.

Outside of work, I try to make the most out of my downtime. This may be through planning days out, reading or walking with friends.

Throughout my time at the company, I have met a plethora of people, from a variety of different backgrounds. I have had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing individuals learn and discover new skills, develop existing ones and grow as people, both academically and personally.