Sanjay Kambo

Project Coordinator

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Meet Sanjay Kambo

Seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning various industries and roles. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for fostering strong relationships, Sanjay has proven himself as a proficient stakeholder manager and team leader.

His career journey reflects a trajectory of growth and achievement. As a Skills Trainer Manager at Jobs22/Learn Plus Us, Sanjay was responsible for overseeing the delivery of Employability Training Courses across East Central England CPA. His ability to meet and exceed key performance indicators while optimising training processes highlighted his strategic thinking and agility in meeting diverse challenges.

Prior to this, Sanjay held roles such as Professional Programmes Trainer at PET-XI Training and Assistant Head of IT Training, where he demonstrated his expertise in course development, stakeholder engagement, and team management. His dedication to empowering learners, coupled with his adeptness at project management, resulted in the successful delivery of certified courses and the development of high-quality training materials.

Sanjay’s leadership skills were further honed during his tenure as Director at Gray Lion Ltd, where he managed a logistics company and ensured the highest level of service delivery to customers. His experience as a Construction Manager and Property Lettings Manager at Hansraj Homes and Lettings highlights his proficiency in managing complex projects, budgeting, and personnel management.

Education-wise, Sanjay holds a BA (Hons) in Business and Marketing, along with a range of vocational qualifications including certifications in Leadership Management, IT skills, and Customer Service.

Beyond his professional achievements, Sanjay is equipped with essential certifications including GDPR, Safeguarding, and Prevent, underscoring his commitment to compliance and ethical practices.

In summary, Sanjay Kambo is a dynamic professional with a proven track record of success in stakeholder management, team leadership, and program delivery. His passion for continuous improvement, coupled with his diverse skill set, positions him as a valuable asset in any organisation.