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Meet Priyadarshini Pendyala

My name is Priyadarshini C and I am the Administrator for the Pathway Group. I joined Pathway in November 2023, bringing my expertise and enthusiasm to the forefront of the organization’s operations. My journey in the professional world began with a strong foundation in IT, which has enabled me to tackle a wide array of tasks with efficiency and confidence. At Pathway, my primary responsibilities include enrolling new learners and addressing any issues that tutors or learners may encounter, ensuring a smooth and effective learning experience for all.
With a penchant for working under pressure and handling complex tasks, I find the dynamic environment at Pathway to be the perfect setting for honing my skills and expanding my knowledge.

My role allows me to leverage my background in IT to contribute significantly to our team’s success, making every day a rewarding experience.
Beyond my professional commitments, I am known for my friendly, positive, and strong work attitude, traits that I believe are essential for fostering a collaborative and productive workplace. While my current focus is on administrative duties, my career path has been diverse, reflecting my versatility and commitment to growth.
Outside of work, I enjoy engaging in activities that challenge me and allow me to explore new experiences. My approach to life, much like my approach to work, is characterized by a zeal for learning and a determination to excel in every endeavor.

At Pathway, I am not just an administrator; I am a part of a vibrant community dedicated to delivering excellence in education and training. Here, I am confident that I will continue to grow, both professionally and personally, as we work together towards our shared goals.